Bòs Manold Fund

Educating The Next Generation In Vialet, Haiti


Our Story

Manold Forest ("Bòs") was born in rural Vialet, Haiti to parents who never had the opportunity to go to school. Yet his mother had great energy and determination, and made sure that her son got an education. After completing school Bòs was hired as an agronomist with the local government. He soon became a fixture in his community, respected by all and known for his fairness and kindness.

Because of the respect he had, Bòs was chosen to host consecutive Peace Corps volunteers. From 1996-1998, Melissa Connor lived with Bòs and his family. From 1999-2001, Rob Chamberlin was fortunate to do the same.

In 2005 Bòs suffered an untimely death, leaving behind 5 school-aged children. Rob and Melissa reached out to friends and family for support to keep Bòs’s children in school. The generosity that flowed was humbling. With more money than they had hoped for, they were able to help a few extra students that year. The following years the generosity grew, and so the program did as well.

In 2009, The Bòs Manold Fund for Haitian Opportunity became an official 501(c)3 non- profit. Today we continue our mission in honor of Bòs Manold to educate the next generation in Vialet, Haiti.

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