What We Do

Scholarships +

Government-funded schooling is rare in Haiti. Therefore most students are forced to pay for private schools. However, the cost of schooling does not end with tuition. In fact, the additional expense of uniforms, books, and transportation end up being more costly than tuition.

At the Bòs Manold Fund when we commit to a student we ensure that they have everything they need to go to school. Therefore, we provide not just tuition scholarships, but also money for school uniforms, transportation, books, and a tutoring program.


In the beginning of the 2012/2013 school year several of our students were struggling academically.  In response we developed and funded a tutoring initiative to improve student performance and build confidence. Since that time, Bòs Manold Fund students have been among the highest performing students in their class supported by a daily after school tutoring program.


In the summer of 2013 board member Melissa Connor took 9 Bòs Manold Fund students to a weeklong camp in Jacmel, Haiti. For many of the students it was the first time they have ever been outside of Vialet. With the support and partnership of the Haitian Timoun Foundation, these students enjoyed a week arts & crafts, trips to the beach, and various new games and competitions.