Our Team

Jimmy Forest, Executive Director

Jimmy is the eldest son of Bòs Manold Forest. After receiving support from the Bòs Manold Fund to finish his college education, Jimmy has worked tirelessly to develop this organization in Haiti. He currently works fulltime for Partners in Health as an electrical foreman at their largest hospital in Haiti. Yet he travels 6 hours back to Vialet twice a month to manage the Bòs Manold Fund.

Rob Chamberlin, President

Rob worked in Haiti with Bòs as a Peace Corps volunteer and shared daily meals with Bòs's family. He now lives in Portland, Maine but is fortunate to get back to Haiti every year or two.

Jerry Kuo, Treasurer

Jerry met Bòs on a trip to Haiti in 2001. Jerry works for an international non-profit based in Seattle, WA. He and his wife Laura have been generous supporters of the Bos Manold Fund.

Melissa Basta, Member

Melissa worked with Bòs for 2 years as a Peace Corps volunteer, living next door to Bòs and his family. Melissa has supported BMF through art sales, organizing camp, and connection with other organizations. She lives in Colorado with her husband and 3 wonderful children.

Nathan Stitziel, Secretary

Nate met Bòs in 2001 on a trip to Haiti. Impressed through this brief introduction, Nate didn’t hesitate to join the board of BMF. Nate is a cardiologist at Washington University in St. Louis, MO.